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With much love and responsibility we inform you that WE ACTUALLY KNOW ABOUT MEAT.

With pride, we inform you that our love for our job, has made us to invest lots of time and effort to organize our work. In our kitchen we use the latest equipment on the base on EU standards. Our meat are preserved in the most modern refrigerators, so that the product served to customer is in the best, as he deserves to be treated.

The expertise we have in our profession is very high, for this reason we can guarantee excellent quality and great variety of meat we provide. Responsible for the purchase, maintenance and cutting, is the owner who is a very experienced and qualified meat craftsman.

We will be more than glad to answer any questions you have about regarding meat.

Thank you for the (long-term) confidence you have shown us so many years and we have established us as one of the top picks.




Working Hours

Mon- Fri
12:00pm – 12:30am

Sat – Sun
12:00pm – 01:30am